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Bengoo km-1 wireless gaming mouse review – 2022

Choosing a professional gaming mouse for the first time can be quite a difficult task. Therefore, we have decided to write bengoo km-1 wireless gaming mouse review today, which will prove to be quite helpful for you to make a decision. This is a major product of the Bengo company which is very cheap. If you’re one of the people who think that “every mouse is a gaming mouse” if you use it to play video games.”, Then I’m here to tell you you are wrong. I will tell you what this mouse has that your normal mouse doesn’t have for a better gaming experience. 

Bengoo km-1 wireless gaming mouse review

We begin our journey with discuss of its ergonomic design, Bengoo km-1 wireless mouse could fit in your hands perfectly and softly. Never worry that you will feel sick after long-session gaming. Its advanced Honeycomb Shell and ventilation would keep your palm pretty cool and fresh all the time, assures your soft feeling and excellent gaming experience even a long-period use. 

While playing games, you have to press the mouse buttons very quickly, which increases the chances of the mouse buttons getting damaged. But you should not worry your mouse button would be damaged easily, the 3 million times keystroke test, and strong durability assures its long-time use of the mouse. 

Bengoo km-1 has wireless connectivity of 2.4GHz which offers a stable connection and precise track. By connecting the USB receiver with the USB port, you could use it at any time and anywhere, without any delays and interference. And one thing please note that 2.4GHz connection distance cannot be over 10 meters.

Bengoo km-1 wireless gaming mouse review
Bengoo km-1 wireless gaming mouse review
Bengoo km-1 wireless gaming mouse review

Bengoo km-1 Wireless Gaming Mouse has 6 Programmed Buttons that are Right Button, Scroll Wheel, Left Button, DPI Button, Backword, and Forward Button. Adjustable DPI has 3-speed Switches 800 -1600 – 3200 that control the speed more freely and easily, bringing you a fantastic gaming experience!

The bottom side has an on/off button that activates the Bengoo km-1 mouse and presses the LED button repeatedly to change different light effects – rainbow mode, stream mode, breathing mode, pure mode, and turn off the light. Which would provide you with more fun while playing games.

Its Battery life is pretty long. At least a day. If you stop using it for around 10 minutes, it goes to sleep saving battery. It also comes with a charger cable as well. With this charger cable, you could charge your mouse at any time, and use it. If we look at its Compatibility, it is Compatible with Windows 98/ 2000/ ME/ NT/ XP/ VISTA/ 7/ 8/ 10/ 11/ MAC OS. Adaptable for Notebooks, PC, laptops, Computers, Macbooks, and so on.

Bengoo km-1 wireless gaming mouse Features

Bengoo km-1 wireless gaming mouse
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