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Holy Stone HS440 Review

Holy Stone has been in the drone manufacturing industry since 2014 and since then, it has produced many drones, some of which are the best fits in their specific categories. Now take for example HS600 4K Camera with Gimbal 3KM FPV- Professional drone is a best fit for adults but a inexperienced or says a beginner would come to hate and it would be a worst fit for him. 

So, this Holy Stone HS440 drone, is the best fit for beginners or those pilots that are yet unexperienced, but that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy it if you are experienced or an unexperienced kid won’t enjoy flying a professional drone, rather it just means that a beginner drone would be safer and more professional for a beginner and less for the professional. That being said, we are going to review and educate you about the Holy Stone HS440 drone today from its build and design quality to its camera, batteries, and flight performance with its cool features, we will then end with the conclusion, cons, and pros and with some buying recommendations. 

Holy Stone HS440 Review

Build and design quality

Holy Stone HS440 drone’s design is similar to that of HS720 drone which is a more expensive and professional drone of Holy Stone. Holy Stone HS440 drone is a very lightweight drone that is only 166 grams and its look is quite cool like that of its predecessor. It comes in a packaged case with a handle on the top to carry the case. The case is quite small and can be taken anywhere by the owner with all the items including drone and remote control safe in the case. In the case, you will find 2 batteries, a transmitter, drone, USB charging cables, 4 extra propellers and a user manual. 

The fuselage of this aircraft drone is made up of a strong polymer material so that even after it crashes, the electronic materials won’t be damaged (you can even check in the review section, that even after crashing it for 3 to 4 times, the drone still works properly.) it comes with brushed motors and doesn’t have a GNSS but again it is expected of the beginner’s drone. One thing that many, including me, doesn’t like is that it doesn’t have propeller guards which are very necessary for a beginner pilots’ safety.


The camera gives you a wide field of view at 112 degrees and you can adjust the camera’s vertical angle by up to 90 degrees. It records at a pixel of 1080p and it contains an SD slot of 32GB so as to not burden you with creating space for recording but you are definitely going to need TF slot to save the recording at the 1080p because without it you can save at only 720p. I, at the beginning, told you that a professional pilot wouldn’t like the camera result because of the dealings with 4k cameras but if you are a beginner or are ok with the result, it isn’t troubling you much then. Its fun overall wit some basic features you can take group or family photos and air view recordings.


The Holy Stone HS440 drone is powered by a modular lithium polymer battery which provides you with around 17 minutes of flight time in reality. The package comes with a additional battery too and in total you got 2 batteries each with a flight time of around 20 minutes and taking a charging time of 3 hours which is fair enough seeing the beginner level. You have to buy three triple A batteries for the remote control as Holy Stone doesn’t provide them.

Flight performance

The drone has a average flight radius of 88meters and a flight time of 40 mins as mentioned above. It comes with some cool features for beginners like gesture and voice control in which you can basically take photos with your hand and with voice control, you can command the drone with your voice. You can enable emergency stop feature by holding for a few seconds the large button in some inconvenient situations. 

Then it has tap fly mode, circle fly mode and headless mode and some other amazing features which you can access only through the app. So, in general, the Holy Stone drone has done a very good work for a beginner drone and it flies well with features like altitude hold in which drone will stay put at a certain given height and more amazing features are yet to be explored by you.

Some Before–Buying Recommendations

I would suggest that this drone could have been much safer and better with things like propeller guards but since there are no propeller guards, fly it safely. It is lightweight so be cautious of flying it in a windy place as it can get out of control or out of range. That being said f you are a beginner in a range of 14 to 18 and unexperienced then have fun with this drone.


Holy Stone HS440 drone is a 4.1 star rated drone with two modular lithium batteries, each giving a flight time of 20 mins and with a flight range of 88 meters and a camera resolution of 1080p with a very lightweight thus avoiding all the paperwork in most countries. Flight performance is packed with features like headless mode, tap fly mode, altitude hold, and many others. 

It doesn’t have propeller guards and some other cons too. I would say in the end that this drone is the best drone like its competitors which you can possibly gift yourself or others as a beginner. It would be direct support to this site if you buy the Holy Stone HS440 drone from our affiliate link that being said have a nice day. 


Holy Stone HS440

The Holy Stone HS440 drone has many features and simple flight controls designed for beginners and first-time pilots. Although it doesn’t have the best camera quality, it will teach and develop your aerial shot skills. It offers a flight time of 10 minutes and a remote control distance of up to 40 meters. It is an affordable drone to start with if you want to learn how to fly drones and capture aerial shots.



Holy Stone HS440 Review Breakdown

Flight Time

7.7 out of 10


10 out of 10


9.2 out of 10

Flight Performance

6.2 out of 10

Camera Quality

6.0 out of 10


10 out of 10

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